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MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 Business Central

The solution for the integrated management of PMI’s corporate processes.


ERP solutions are integrated and flexible systems which facilitate the company management.

Choosing a good ERP product means choosing a functional, flexible solution, provided with integrations on a company level and the necessary simplicity to manage the most complex corporate processes. Our goal is to help the customer enhance his performance through implementing technological solutions, by aligning, optimizing and automating the main processes to facilitate their development and control. It’s the chance to have - in a single solution - an easy and continuous communication framework for the different areas, allowing to combine applications to manage the following:

Accounting and Finance


Purchase and Sales


Inventory and Logistics


Accounting and Finance


Purchase and Sales


Inventory and Logistics


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

With more than 30 years of history and more than 160.000 installations worldwide, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the next generation of ERP global leader for PMIs Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously known as Dynamics NAV and even earlier Navision) is an end-to-end solution for the management of all the corporate processes and it belongs to the range of Microsoft’s Business Application Dynamics 365.

Business Central allows to accomplish all the activities in a single integrated system, boosting simplification and improving the interactions with customers.
Extremely adaptable, adjustable and easy to implement, it provides functionalities which allows the PMI to manage a consistent number of activities, ranging from manufacturing to sales, from purchase to inventory, assistance and much more.

It’s an incredibly flexible solution which can be customized to satisfy evolving needs, by simply adding the most suitable functions for each area.


Up to few years ago, the development activity was carried out in a language called C/AL, but in 2018 Microsoft provided a completely innovative work method. The issue of the new language called AL entailed a huge change in the NAV/BC development: all the codes modifications are included in blocks called “app”. This facilitates the updating, by driving a remarkable cost reduction.

With AL language, Microsoft allows the expansion and the customization of Business Central’s functionalities, providing its partners with tools capable of creating Extensions of the solution, without modifying the standard and allowing a Continuous Update process.

NuBeTech has developed a Suite, complete with Extensions called ORIGINS, to be used in the different implementation scenarios.

All the Apps from our certified suite can be downloaded from Microsoft’s AppSource.


Dynamics 365 Business Central’s functions in AFC, allow you to gain visibility on your company’s performance in real time. You can easily share your information in a safe way and gain more control on budget and cash flow. Dynamics 365 Business Central is mainly a software solution for financial management, which simplifies with no problems the connection of financial transactions and information among associates, multi-based companies, and multinationals.

It’s a mature and full of possibilities financial solution, providing baseline functionalities which satisfy the most complex requirements such as the multi-currency, multi-company needs. Furthermore, it provides an in-depth sight of the business to help guide the operations and strategic ventures through report and advanced analysis.

Centralize financial management’s data, such as accounting, sales, purchase, inventory and interaction with client for an end-to-end, updated sight of all activities, by leveraging on the different functionalities from Dynamics 365 Business Central. The solution allows a more rapid and informed decision making process thanks to interconnected processes, predictive analysis and real time data.

  • Make rapid and informed decision with the perfetct integration of Microsoft Excel

  • Easily keep track of KPIs, by analysing general accounting data

  • Keep track of the company’s performance in real time on the dashboard, by using Power BI’s integration

  • Precisely forecast the cash flow by using integrated Artificial Intelligence

Dynamics 365 Business Central allows to supervise and control the sales orders and the purchase process through automated work flows and dynamically updated inventory values. It allows to prevent non necessary purchase, by implementing approval processes and foreseeing restocks’ timelines and quantities, thanks to Business Intelligence integrated functions.

  • Issue purchase invoices and orders to register the purchase cost and keep track of amounts to be paid

  • Keep expense control by implementing advanced work flows and approval processes

  • Automate activities for suppliers in order to register agreements concerning reductions, prices and payment methods

The purchase function provides sight on stockpile levels, historical track of sales and previsions in order to create a recommended purchase list. Purchase orders are automatically generated (if necessary) and the supplier’s information is used to provide prices and delivery timings. The integrated work flow can elicit authorization requests, according to the company’s rules, and the purchase orders can be sent automatically by e-email or mail, according to preferences.

Thanks to the automated calculation of levels and delivery timings you’ll be able to always keep the right quantity of stockpile in your warehouse.

With Dynamics 365 Business Central’s sales and marketing functions, it’s possible to reduce the time between the issue of a quotation and the invoicing, connecting sales and accounting. Furthermore it connects sales and marketing, by allowing to rapidly act on the requests for quotation straight from Microsoft Outlook.

  • Manage sales straight from Outlook, by issuing invoices as attached PDF

  • Keep an overall track of interactions, tracking the current status of the customer in real time, from the e-mail, to the order to the invoice.

  • Negotiate and keep track of special agreements with each customer.

  • Prioritize the leads according to the potential income and opportunities throughout all the sales process

  • Functionalities include: campaign management, contacts management, management and issuing of documents, e-mail integration, opportunities’ management, sales order and processes management and activity/interaction management.

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s warehouse management functionalities gather complete organizational information, they automate the manual activities, connect processes and work flows, by providing an inventory management based on facts and by providing the managers a clear view on the company’s performance, margins, profitability and enhancement opportunities.

  • It can be used with palmtops: storing instructions can be displayed on the device, showing the best position for the goods, according to capacity and pick up space

  • A flexible, modular structure allows to add new or customized functions in order to adapt to the business growth and evolution

You can use Dynamics 365 Business Central to implement management activities of resources and projects and to get all the necessary data in order to manage budget and monitor the progress status. You can keep track of machinery’s work hours and of the employees’ projects, by using the activity board and you can have access to data and available resources in real time.

  • Create, manage and keep track of customers’ projects with sophisticated functions of report issuing

  • Manage the levels of use and the profitability of resources, by planning capacity and sales

  • Development, modification and control of budget to avoid excessive expenses

With the activity boards you’ll be able to create, manage and keep under control the ongoing projects thanks to advanced calculation functionalities of costs per order. You can make decisions based on trends and management of projects’ progress thanks to real time data.

As far as contracts, guarantees, SLA or spot services management are concerned, Dynamics 365 Business Central’s functionalities improve your operational efficiency, they provide an effective management of contracts through the use of critical processes flows, by contributing to ensure your assistance team respects the agreed SLA, in order to enhance customers’ loyalty.

It includes the contracts and SLA’s management, the timeline of products and components, the work planning, the goods planning, the shipment and traceability of articles in assistance, the management of assistance orders and the management of services’price.

  • It allows the management of replacements and already stipulated recurring invoicing.

  • Integrated calls recording function to record, trace and handle service calls.

Dynamics 365 Business Central integrates and optimises every aspect of the manufacturing process. Whether you do the basic assembly or you require a complete MRP, the solution can provide anything you need.

Over the last years, the manufacturing has endured a multi-factor pressure: the market growth is slow and new low-cost manufacturers are wearing the margins thin; on the other hand, customers look for lower prices, higher quality, more rapid delivery time and constant innovation. As if that were not enough, legislative and environment compliance requires more attention and commitment, thus increasing the manufacturing’s management cost.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you can integrate, simplify and manage every aspect of corporate management and of the production process, including planning, scheduling, inventory, distribution and financial management, making sure that companies can rapidly face new, changeable requests and be able to provide the customers with anything they want, anytime they wish. Thanks to sales forecasting and stockpile’s monitoring and control, production plans and purchase orders can be automatically generated.

Besides all the standard system’s functions, Dynamics 365 Business Central allows a smooth integration with other Microsoft’s cloud systems, including Office 365 and it can be customized or extended to specific needs of your area with Power Apps, Power Automate e Power BI.

Business Central is a reliable, tested ERP solution which can be distributed in public cloud, private cloud or locally. When you choose where to host your Business Central solution, you have different options, depending on the levels of control and flexibility you wish to have.


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Microsoft SaaS modality provides an ‘all-in-one’ solution with a monthly lease which includes the software, the hosting cloud and management services.


The SaaS solution on-premise allows an extremely high level of autonomy mainly on the management of departmental interfaces and/or third software.

Managed Cloud

The managed cloud differs for the hybrid mode thanks to which you can have in the meantime management flexibility and cloud hosting safety.
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