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Microsoft CRM

A database with all the company’s contact information, useful to keep these relationships up

Customer Relationship Management

Companies use CRM to understand and digitize as much information /data as possible, about customers’ wishes, needs and behaviour so to develop more effective relationships. From this point of view, CRM is one of the main tools to outline a strategy to manage relationships in an organized way.

By implementing CRM, companies are able to trigger a deep change in the corporate vision, thus revising the whole set of practices, strategies and initiatives of transformation and integration of corporate, organizational processes.

Dynamics 365 Business Central, besides the standard functions included in the classic ERP software, also offers companies the module “Relationship Management”, which helps managing the company’s sales activities, by providing the chance to always have access to complete, accurate information, so to be able to focus the interactions on customer segments or favourite contacts.

Thanks to CRM Dynamics 365 you’ll be able to:

Generate multi-channel marketing campaigns, grow leads aimed at sales and align sales and marketing staff, with tools of planning and monitoring able to interact with app and existing services

Customize the user experience, by adjusting the routes according to the different needs

Get information on your brand’s reputation and on the market thanks to the data analysis in real time

Keep track of the past and identify the markers for the future

Put the leads first, by using different lead scoring models

Create customized dashboard to analyze the most relevant data for your company

Use artificial intelligence to drive your business decisions and innovation

Go beyond the automation of the sale force in order to better understand the customers’ needs, to commit in a more effective way and to land more deals. Sell in a smarter way thanks to the integrated insights, promote relationships by increasing the performance thanks to a modern, adjustable platform.