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Enhance and facilitate the decision-making process through a clear focused sight of data for better business results.


Microsoft Power BI, part of Microsoft Power Platform suite, is a solution which provides your company a tool of automatic data visualization, both live and interactive. You can combine different data sources, financial and operational, combined with CRM and marketing data: the final aim is to provide the information and the “ready to use” data your company needs to get better business results.

You’ll get better information on data from your company, progressing from the traditional historical reporting to forward-looking visual information. In this way you’ll be able to see potential problems coming and implement early interventions. Power BI offers the chance to provide business intelligence through your whole company. It can be distributed through browser or app for mobile devices, Microsoft Teams o SharePoint, so that your team can have access to the dashboard from anywhere.


Smooth and customized visualization of data

Eliminate manual reporting processes

Combine data from different sources to gain a single, clear point of view

Automate processes and offer interactive, vision-based views

Send warnings and activate flows through the Power Platform

Power BI is made of different elements interacting with each other, starting from the three main fundamentals:

A Windows desk application named Power BI Desktop.

A SaaS online service (Software as a Service) named Power BI service.

App for mobile devices Power BI for devices Windows, iOS and Android.

These three elements, Power BI Desktop, SaaS service and the apps for mobile services, are designed to create, share and use detailed corporate information in the most effective way.
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